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Blog > General > Over The Top: a cartoon history of Australia at war

Over The Top: a cartoon history of Australia at war

Posted on Thursday 15th January 2015 by Tim

Over The Top: a cartoon history of Australia at war


OVER THE TOP A cartoon history of Australia At War, which covers the Boer War all the way through to the present conflict in Afghanistan was published to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Gallipoli. It is fully illustrated with all the best work from Australia's leading cartoonists through the ages. The book includes work by Hop, Norman Lindsay, Ambrose Dyson, Charles Nuttall, David Low, Alex Gurney, Stan Cross, Bill Mahony, Paul Rigby, Hal Eyre Jr, Ted Scorfield, Bruce Petty, Alan Moir, David Pope and many many more great Australian cartoonists. I can proudly say, it is the best survey of Australian cartoons ever published. Although looking at what has come before, this was not difficult. The book is presently for sale in Australian bookshops but will be available in the UK from September. Signed copies will be on sale at the Political Cartoon Gallery and Cafe in Putney.


  • On 3rd March 2015 00:55 a.m.
    Lance Eaton said:
    Greetings, I'm writing a book about using comic books (or graphic novels) to teach history. Is this book going to be an actual comic or does it just contain examples of cartoons and comics about war? I'd just like to clarify to decide where and how to include it in my book. Thanks! Lance
  • On 9th May 2015 18:32 p.m.
    Tim Benson said:
    This is a book of previously published political cartoons from 1899 to 2015.

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